What does it take to build your website

brainWould you start with the wall paper if you were going to build a house? The answer of course is no which highlights our point that planning a site is just like laying the foundations of a house.
It is important to define your sites purpose. From this comes everything else even down to the colour scheme of the final design. It's the starting point of any site. Think about:

  • Describe your site in one sentence, make it simple and snappy
  • Who are your audience and why should they come to you
  • What are you providing that others don't
  • Where do you get your site content and how will you show it
  • Find a name of your site which lead onto your domain name

Now do some brainstorming. Once you have your site's purpose it is time to get your brain in gear and start bringing your ideas together. Remember that your still at the pen paper and grey matter stage. Keep things flowing at this stage, don't get bogged down with detail just yet.
Draw a cirlce and put the name of your site then start putting down ideas of what your site will have e.g. forum, news, articles, tutorials, latest products, downloads of recent can be anything as long it helps the site acchieve its purpose.

Sounds difficult? can help you and do the thinking for you. Just talk to us and find out how we can help you.

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